Cyclops Sound Studio

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Artists I’ve recorded for at cyclops sound

Frank ocean
Gavin Degraw
Andra day
Meg Myers
Bruce Springsteen
Ed Sheeran
Neil Finn
Of Montreal
K Ishibashi
Keith Urban
Oren Ambarchi
Daughn Gibson
K Ishibashi
Rachael Yamagata
Miranda Lambert
Stone Gossard
Sons Of Anarchy TV show

Producers that I have worked with at Cyclops Sound

Lyle Workman
Dan Wilson
Chris Taylor
Ron Aniello
Johnny McDaid
Eric Rosse
Rich Costey
Randall Dunn
John Alagia
Matt Wallace
Michael Brooke
Dave Friedman
Matthew Wilder
Bob Thiele Jr.
Ross Hogarth
Mark Needham
Malay Ho
Frank Lidell
Dr Rosen Rosen
Manny Marroquin

Mac  Pro
Pro-Tools 11
Apogee Symphony 24 i/o with Thunderbridge
Inward Connections Mix 690 Class A Discrete 16 x 2 Submixer
Inward Connections Discrete Master Section
:::::OUTBOARD GEAR–Mic pre’s-Comp/Limiters,etc…
 –Inward Connections 8 Channel Tube Side Car
— APi mic pres x 8
— Inward Connections Magnum VU Mic Pres x 6
— 4 Helios Type 69 Mic Pres
— Manley Vari-Mu Tube Comp/Limiter
— 4 Api 560b eq’s—2 API 554 eq’s—Level-Or limiting module
— Chandler TG1 Stereo Limiter
—Alan Smart C1 Dual Stereo  Compressor
—Pultec EQP-1a3 X 2
—Inward connections TSL4 Stereo Tube Limiter with NOS tubes
–Empirical Labs Distressor EL8
—Urei 1176 black Limiter
-Shure Level-Loc
-Universal Audio UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt Octo Custom
Yamaha NS-10’s Powered with a Bryston 4B-SST2
PMC Two Two.6 monitors
PMC TwoTwo.Sub2
–Telefunken U47
–Neumann U67
–Neumann Cmv 563 x 2
–Neumann km184
— Coles 4038 Ribbon mics x 2
—AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon mic
— Sony C37a
— Josephson e22s x 4
–Altec 639 “birdcage” Dynamic/Ribbon
–Sony c60
–Sennheiser 421 x 4
—AKG D25
–AKG D12
–AKG D112
–AKG D25
—Heil PR20
—Heil pr28 x’s 4
–Shure 57 x 5
–EV N/D 468 x 4
–Yamaha Subkick
–Coppertone mic
—60’s “Bob Barker” style mic
— Tons of random old odd no name 60’s crystal mics and odd dynamic mics
1963 Olympic White Fender Jaguar electric guitar
1960’s Fender Deluxe amp
1970’s ARP 2600 modular synth modified by Phil Cirocco at CMS
Mellotron M4000d mini
Verbos Modular Synth System
Moog Minitaur bass synth
Moog Mini Moog
Elektron Analog Keys
Elektron Analog RYTM
Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synth
Tons of effects pedals by Moog, Metasonix,etc…..
::::::DRUM KITS::::::::::::
WFL gold Sparkle 1950’s kit 22-13-16
Cameo Oaklawn Red Sparkle 60’s  22″ 13″ 16″
Ludwig 60’s Silver Sparkle 24” 12” 13” 16” 18”
Craviotto/AK Copper Kit:
22″ kick 24″ kick 12″ 13″ 14″ rack tom 16″ 18″ Floor Toms
Silngerland 1930’s Radio King Kit with Wood Hoops..—28”-13”14”16″
Gretsch Broadkaster’s 18” 22” 24” bass drums  12” 13” 16” 18” toms
Yamaha 9000 1970’s  24″ 13″14″16″18″
Slingerland 1970’s Concert tom kit  12″13″16″ 22″
Gretsch  USA Custom 24” 22″ Bass Drums  10-12-13-16-18 toms
-5 x 14 Keplinger stainless
-6.5 x 14 Keplinger Stainless
7 x 14 Keplinger Brass
6.5 x 14 Leedy Reliance NOB
5 x 14 1930’s 1 ply Slingerland Radio King
6.5 x 14 Ludwig Supraphonic 60’s
6.5 x 14 A and F Brass
5 x 14 Ludwig Supraphonic 60’s
5 x 14 60’s Ludwig Acrolite
5.5 x 14  WFL 1950’s Gold Sparkle
4 x 15  1915 Leedy wood hooped snare
5 x 14 1920’s Ludwig Black Beauty
6.5 x 14 Blaemire Fiberglass snare
6.5 x 14 Gretsch Bell Brass snare
6.5 x 14 1920’s Leedy Gold Sparkle Broadway
5.5 x 14 Timeless Birch Craviotto
6.5 x 14 Craviotto Diamond Chrome over brass
5 x 14 Craviotto Diamond Chrome over brass
7 x 14 1930’s Slingerland Radio King
5.5 x 14 sterling all wood sn
5 x 14 Sligerland Hollywood Ace 1960’s
2 x 8 “cupcake” sn
::::::::OTHER DRUMS::::::
24″ Blue Duco Slingerland bass drum Calf Heads
Slingerland gold sparkle 1930’s bass drum 28”
Sligerland Radio King 26” bass drum BDP Calf Heads
12 x 24″ BDP Slingerland Radio King Bass Drum
WFL 12 x 22″ Silver Sparkle Bass Drum
Dunnett *” bongo/snare x’s 2
Talk-kit foot controlled talking drum
24″ no name calf bass drum contact paper
Taos drums 12″ tom 14″ floor tom 20 bass drum 26 bass drum 16″ snare
Hawkly 40 gallon Oil Drum
Adam Morford “Marvin”
 Various vintage Zildjian’s , Paiste and Sabians, Keplinger Cymbals, Istanbul Agops and crusty old 60’s Japanese cymbals.
TAOS DRUMS (Traditional Calf Skin Native American Indian drums configured into a drum kit)
26″ 22″ bass drums  13″ 16″ toms and 16″ snare drum
LUDWIG KIT WITH HAIRY GOATSKIN HEADS:–22″ bass drum 12″ tom,14″ floor tom,
18″ floor tom
Contemporania Tamborim Machine with foot control..
1 x Set Tabla
 Various sized frame drums
1 x Bass Kalimba
and tons of random odd percussion bits