Congrats to Miranda Lambert for winning the ACM record of the year. I’m so proud to have played drums on this record. On April 19th i’ll be playing with Miranda Lambert on Austin City Limits. She’s for real.:) miranda-lambert---the-weight-of-these-wings---artjpg-bcb454fbb63eedad

Back 1991 i was asked by this unknown Seattle band called Pearl Jam if i’d want to hop in a van and do some gigs with them. I had just broken up with my band -Edie Brickell And New Bohemians and was just hanging out in Dallas wondering what was next on my musical journey. I loved the idea of going to Seattle and playing some music with these unknown folks who were about to head out on a tour to support their about to be released record (TEN) and needed a drummer.. My time with them was very short.. I think we did a months worth of gigs ending with a gig in Seattle at a club called RKCNDY. The club is now a condo like most places in Seattle.:(.. The gig was the live recording of a nights worth of music, the song ALIVE was picked from the gig to be the single. It came out and wow! I saw it coffee shops, in NYC Cabs, airports, music stores, etc. The rest is history…..They are such an inspiration as to how to make a band work.. They are definitely one of the greats.. I really appreciate the shout out in this letter but the real work of making the great records and touring was done by the band and the amazing drummers—Dave Krusen,Dave Abbruzzese, Jack Irons and Matt Cameron–Viva rock music and bands! Matt Chamberlain—— BTW.. If anyone knows where my Blue DW kit is that’s in this video please let me know.. 17239998_10155087793997485_7304774419719682324_o