Update on what i’ve been up to over the past few months..

Well here goes… i hopped in a van with Keyboardist Brian Haas to support our new totally improvisational record “Prometheus Risen”. We did the entire west coast, had a few van problems here and there but basically had a blast. The best part of touring in a van is the freedom to stop off in the redwoods or to hit up that amazing Espresso joint before soundcheck, or to just see old friends i haven’t seen in a while. We hopped on stage every night and improvised an entire nights worth of music. Terrifying and totally liberating at the same time. At the end of our run we stopped by my favorite Drum Shop on the planet-Revival Drum Shop in Portland OR to do a drum clinic.I also did a weeks worth of gigs with Bill Frisell. The band was Petra Haden on Vocals, Thomas Morgan on Upright Bass and myself..Playing with Bill is always a lesson in trusting that music will happen no matter what. I always feel like a much better listener and improviser after playing with him. In the world of recording i’ve been super excited about everything that’s been happening lately.. I spent a few days with Producer/Engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins,Big Business) along with drummer’s Dale Crover and Coady Willis doing his solo drummer record. Basically he had us play structured and instructed solo’s. He is going to take the different element’s of the kit and trigger modular synths to create music from this. I’m really looking forward to hearing the finished product. Worked on a track for British singer James Bay, a batch of songs for Lady Antebellum, flew out to Nashville to work with Producer Jay Joyce on a record with an amazing new artist named Andrea Davidson. This week i’m working with British Singer Jamie Lawson and Producer Joe Chicarelli for his new record and also cut some tracks for Seattle based singer Perfume Genius with Producer Blake Mills. Started recording Joe King’s of The Fray’s new solo record . Recorded a ton of drums and percussion with Alex Acuna for the new Disney movie Moana, did drumming for The Office Christmas Party with composer Teddy Shapiro and a drum heavy score for the new Wolverine Movie called “Logan” with Composers Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders. Next month i’ll be heading up to the Pacific Northwest to work on Producer Malay Ho’s (Frank Ocean, Zayn, John Legend)  new solo record. I’ll also be joining Chris Thile on the Prairie Home Companion along with Yo-Yo Ma, Edgar Meyer and Steve Martin. Best.. Matt C