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Drummer Matt Chamberlain is a Composer, Producer and Studio Musician whose eclectic talents find him working in various genres from rock to classical, jazz, and the avant-garde. He has appeared on albums/tours by David Bowie, Fiona Apple, The Master Musicians of Jajouka, Soundgarden, The Who, Bill Frisell, Robert Fripp, Tori Amos, Morrissey, Phantogram, Kanye West, David Torn, Bruce Springsteen, Rufus Wainwright, Perfume Genius, Bob Dylan, Noel Gallagher, Neko Case, John Mayer, Leonard Cohen, Frank Ocean, Elton John, Pearl Jam, Brad Mehldau, Danny Elfman, Randy Newman and many others, as well as soundtrack work with Hans Zimmer, Marco Beltrami, Jóhann Jóhannsson and Jon Brion. He is also the recipient of multiple awards including the Modern Drummer Magazine’s Reader’s Poll- Studio Drummer Of The Year for 2016 and 2019 and has won ACM Studio Recording Awards in 2013 and 2019.


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2019 Perfume Genius “Eye In The Wall” Drums, Percussion

2019 Leonard Cohen-Thanks For The Dance- Drums, Percussion (Nov,2019)

2019 Monkeytree- Mitchell Froom-Drums

2019 The Who-Who- Drums, Percussion (Nov, 2019)

2019 Bruce Springsteen- Western Stars Drums, Percussion

2019 Johnnyswim - Moonlight- Drums, Percussion

2019 Perry Farrell’s Kind Heaven Orchestra Drums, Percussion

2019 Vampire Weekend- Father Of The Bride Drums

2019 Freya Ridings-Freya Ridings- Drums, Percussion,Engineering

2018  Chris Cornell (Box Set) Drums, Percussion

2018  Blake Mills  Look  Metal, Gongs, Percussion

2018   Mandy Jóhann Jóhannsson [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Drums, Percussion

2018  My New Moon   Amos Lee

2018   So sad so sexy Lykke Li Drums

2018  Eat the Elephant  A Perfect Circle  Drums 2018 

2018  Hell-On Neko Case  Drums, Percussion 2018 

2017 Semper Femina Laura Marling Drums

2017     Dark Matter  Randy Newman  Drums, Percussion

2016     MATT CHAMBERLAIN "Comet B"  Drums, Percussion, Synths, Engineering, Main Composer

2016      Chris Cornell -Vinyl: Music From the HBO Original Series "Stay with me baby" – The Essentials: Best of Season 1

2016 Prometheus Risen Matt Chamberlain / Brian Haas Primary Artist, Composer

2016 Sonderlust Kishi Bashi Drums, Percussion

2016 Three Phantogram Drums

2015 Higher Truth Chris Cornell Drums

2014       The Golden Echo Kimbra  Drums, Percussion, Electronics

2014 Voices Phantogram Drums

2013 Frames Matt Chamberlain / Brian Haas Primary Artist, Drums, Percussion

2012 Channel Orange Frank Ocean Drums, Programming

2012 Company 23 Company 23 Composer, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer

2012 Daughter of Cloud Of Montreal Drums

2012 Floratone II Floratone Drums, Percussion, Composer

2012 Not Your Kind of People Garbage Drums

2012 Paralytic Stalks Of Montreal Drums

2012 Wrecking Ball Bruce Springsteen Drums, Percussion

2011 thecontrollersphere Of Montreal Drums

2010     False Priest OF MONTREAL Drums, Percussion

Satellite Supersonic, Vol. 1: Ishraqiyyun/Elecrtomagnetic Azoth/Ur Secret Chiefs 3 Drums

2010 Highway Rider Brad Mehldau Drums, Percussion

2010 The Imagine Project Herbie Hancock Drums

2009 Abnormally Attracted to Sin Tori Amos Drums, Percussion, Drum Loop, Loop, Loops

2009 Far Regina Spektor Drums, Percussion

2009 Swords Morrissey Musician

2007 American Doll Posse Tori Amos Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion

2007 David Bowie Box David Bowie Drums, Percussion, Loop Programming

2007 Eyvind Kang: The Yelm Sessions Eyvind Kang Gong, Hand Drums

2007 Floratone Floratone Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion, Loops, Composer, Primary Artist

2007 Kismet Jesca Hoop Drums

2007 Outside/Heathen David Bowie Drums, Percussion, Loop Programming

2006 A Piano: The Collection Tori Amos Marimba, Drums, Percussion

2006 Friendly Fire Sean Lennon Main Personnel, Drums

2006 Ringleader of the Tormentors Morrissey Drums

2006 The Youngest Was Most Loved Morrissey Main Personnel, Drums


2005 Matt Chamberlain Matt Chamberlain Primary Artist, Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Main Personnel, Guitar, Piano, Celeste, Chamberlin, Marimba, Drums, Tabla, Timpani, Bells, Crotale, Gong, Programming, Critic, Madal, Stylophone, Marxophone, Riqq, Tamborim, Arp 2600, Dub Engineer, Yamaha Keyboards, Composer

2005 Monkeypot Merganzer Critters Buggin' Member of Attributed Artist, Drums, Composer

2005 The Beekeeper Tori Amos Main Personnel, Drums, Handclapping

2005 Ultimatum The Long Winters Member of Attributed Artist, Drums

2004 Has Been William Shatner Main Personnel, Drums, Percussion

2004 I Heart Huckabees Jon Brion Drums

2004 Stampede Critters Buggin' Producer, Audio Production, Member of Attributed Artist, Piano, Synthesizer, Drums, Percussion, Programming

2004 Thruster! Thruster! Drums

2004 Welcome to Sunny Florida Tori Amos Drums

2003 Reality David Bowie Main Personnel, Drums

2003 Tales of a Librarian: A Tori Amos Collection Tori Amos Drums, Vocals (Background)

2002 Heathen David Bowie Drums, Percussion, Loop Programming

2002 Largo Brad Mehldau Drums, Shaker, Percussion, Composer

2002 Scarlet's Walk Tori Amos Drums, Percussion

2002 Slow Burn David Bowie Drums, Percussion

2001 Beautiful Garbage Garbage Drums

2001 Trust No One Dave Navarro Drums

1999 Amoeba Critters Buggin' Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Multi Instruments

1999 On How Life Is Macy Gray Drums, Percussion

1999 To Venus and Back Tori Amos Drums

1999 When the Pawn Hits the Conflicts He Thinks Like a King... Fiona Apple Drums, Percussion

1998 Bumpa Critters Buggin' Engineer, Mixing, Drums, Percussion, Loops, Sampling, Writer, Performer, Digital Editing, Loop, Composer

1998 From the Choirgirl Hotel Tori Amos Marimba, Drums, Percussion

1997 Hint of Mess Andrew Dorff Drums

1997 Host Critters Buggin' Guitar, Slide Guitar, Drums, Tabla, Percussion, Loops, Noise, Screams, Taos Drum, Composer

1997 The Full Sentence Pigeonhed Drums, Percussion

1996 Bringing Down the Horse The Wallflowers Drums

1996 Omnipop (It's Only a Flesh Wound Lambchop) Sam Phillips Drums, Percussion, Loops

1996 Tidal Fiona Apple Drums, Percussion

1995 Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen With Peter Gabriel Drums

1994 Guest Critters Buggin' Drums,Collage, Composer


1990 Ghost of a Dog Edie Brickell & New Bohemians Drums, Composer



Solo/ Bands/ Collaborations


Matt Chamberlain-- Comet B

Released February 19, 2016 

Chris Combs-Lap Steel 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11 ...Mike Dillion-Tabla, Marimba, Xylophone 2,6 ...Dave Palmer- Synths 2,8,6,11...Dan Phelps-Guitar,Celeste 2,5,6,11...Malay Ho-Guitar, Bass 9...Kaveh Rastegar- Bass, Guitar 1,7,8,10,11...Matt Chamberlain, Drums, Percussion, Synths, Programming, Mellotron, Treated Piano, Engineering...Brian Scheuble -Mixing 2,4,6,7,8,9,10,11... Ben O'Neill-Mixing 1,3,5,7 ...Chris Reynolds- Drum recording 1,5,6,8,1011 Recorded at Cyclops Sound Studio, Van Nuys CA 2016

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Matt Chamberlain - Matt Chamberlain 2005

Prompted to creation, in a way, by the legendary session drummer Hal Blaine’s under-appreciated record Psychedelic Percussion, Matt Chamberlain’s debut solo record conjures up the forgotten possibilities of the good old “drummer and studio” paradigm. The record ends up functioning like a semi-sordid dream intertwined with ’70s movie memories (think Telly Savalas and Enter the Dragon.) It’s easy to picture zombie karate fights taking place in lush overflowing gardens, and out-of-place Italian furniture being cracked over heads. You almost hear the appropriately thrown-together orchestra being directed by a genetically altered Georgio Moroder right there on the set... and that creeps you out during the few genuinely romantic sex scenes. Kind of like Goldfrapp, Chamberlain has ignored the rules of passe and boldly crafted a sleek and palpable form of post-trendy, modern exotica. Utilizing the all-pro string arrangement skills of Eyvind Kang, percussion instruments from far off places and planets, archaic electronics, analog sythesizers, outer space spaghetti western guitar, and sonically mutilated drum-kits of every size and make, Chamberlain’s debut album is a full-bodied record that will sit proudly next to Lalo Shiffrin, Autechre, Martin Denny, Amon Tobin, David Axelrod, Hal Blaine and Critters Buggin records.






Improvisation is sometimes described as spontaneous composition. But in the case of Floratone, the collaborative project of guitarist Bill Frisell, drummer Matt Chamberlain, and producers Lee Townsend and Tucker Martine, improvisation is the source of raw material for an extended process of assemblage, arrangement, and augmentation: Call it composition over the long haul.

Floratone II, like its 2007 self-titled predecessor, was some two years in the making. “These are long-term, labor-intensive projects for Tucker and I,” says Townsend, who has produced more than 30 projects with Frisell, as well as recordings with Carrie Rodriguez, Loudon Wainwright III, Kelly Joe Phelps, Vinicius Cantuaria, Dino Saluzzi, and others. “It’s the type of thing that takes a while and you wouldn’t want to do every year. But it’s also sheer fun.”

The concept arose in 2005 when Frisell and Chamberlain turned themselves loose in a Seattle studio for a session of free improvisation. Townsend and Martine then manipulated the tapes and created new musical structures; bassist Victor Krauss threaded lines into the bottom; Frisell wrote horn and string arrangements for cornetist Ron Miles and violin/viola player Eyvind Kang; and Frisell and Chamberlain overdubbed more guitar and drum parts. Townsend termed that initial sound “futuristic roots music.”

Floratone II may be the result of a similar methodology, but it is far from more of the same. For one thing, the instrumentation is even more varied. “We both came with a few more options,” Chamberlain says. “I think Bill brought out several more guitars and tons of crazy effects pedals, and I had a few kits set up as well as a bunch of percussion and devices so I could make loops on the fly.” While longtime Frisell cohorts Miles and Kang are onboard again for the lush orchestrations, this time Mike Elizondo—known for his work with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette, 50 cent, and Alex and Nels Cline—played the basses, both acoustic and electric. And multi-instrumentalist/producer/film composer Jon Brion (who has worked with Aimee Mann, Robyn Hitchcock, Brad Mehldau, Sean Lennon, Of Montreal, and Spoon, and scored Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and more) created additional aural magic with sampler and keyboards. “Mike came up with great parts within the song structure,” says Townsend, “and Jon was super excited, loose, and spontaneous—it was like watching a kid in a candy store.”

The final product is an exciting collection of 13 richly textured, musically complex tracks with immediate pop appeal. Whereas the Floratone debut, according to Townsend, had a fairly consistent “rootsy, swampy, bluesy, Southern kind of vibe,” the improvisational foundation for Floratone II, he says, was “a little more multifaceted. There were some more ambiguous time signatures as well as some busier grooves, and interludes that are more about live playing.” But if the source material was less unified, the collaborative compositional process yielded a remarkably cohesive album.

Much of that quality comes, of course, from the distinct musical voices of the primary players. Ever since his earliest recordings for the ECM label, Frisell has wielded one of the most readily identifiable, albeit kaleidoscopic, guitar sounds in contemporary music. Whether he is playing solo; in intimate settings with such jazz giants as Dave Holland, Elvin Jones, Ron Carter, Paul Motian, Jim Hall, and Fred Hersch; alongside vocalists including Elvis Costello, Petra Haden, and Robin Holcomb; or in his eclectic groups, ranging from the Willies, the Intercontinentals, and Beautiful Dreamers to the chamber string ensemble 858 Quartet, there’s no mistaking Frisell’s unique guitar timbres and phrasing. 

Similarly, Chamberlain has established an inimitable presence on the drums, flexible enough to drive the music of artists as different as Edie Brickell, the Wallflowers, Fiona Apple, the Saturday Night Live band, Tori Amos, and the Seattle-based jam band Critters Buggin’, and powerful enough to retain a singular personality. He expresses and focuses that versatility in his solo electro-acoustic project, Company 23, and lets it run wild and free in Floratone.

“Playing with Bill, whom I consider to be one of the greatest living improvisers and composers, is a process of simply getting together and doing it,” Chamberlain says. “It is wide open, and tons of ideas are constantly being created. I usually work in the world of songwriters so I love the freedom of just going for it in a totally free improv situation. Bill’s musicality is so vast that he makes you feel like a better musician just by playing with him. Then, having Tucker and Lee there to edit and throw our ideas back at us in a whole other form is really interesting on a lot of different levels. Sonically and arrangement-wise they pick the most unexpected parts of our improvs and arrange them into something totally different.” 

Frisell also finds the Floratone “system” liberating and surprising. “Getting together and playing with Matt was really effortless,” he says. “We just played for hours with no thought, no preparation, just having fun and generating all this stuff. It’s this kind of guilty pleasure: ‘OK, Lee and Tucker, now you have to deal with all of this.’ If it was my record I would be involved every step of the way, so it was a cool feeling to give that over to them and let them go full tilt and do whatever they do, without worrying about it. The whole process went through so many stages—I’m not sure if the first one went through quite as many over such a long period of time—that I have no idea what might be on those original recordings.”

For Martine, who has applied his creative production touches to the work of Laura Veirs, Spoon, R.E.M., Sufjan Stevens, Jesse Sykes, and the Decemberists, as well as his own Mount Analog recordings, Floratone is “a process of constantly discovering and being surprised. It’s not so much a matter of doing what is right for the song,” he explains, “as it is inventing the song as you go, which isn’t typical for records that I’ve worked on.”

 Martine finds fabricating something so ambitious with such stellar collaborators especially inspiring. “Both Matt and Bill play with such intention, and they both have astonishing tones. It was from Matt that I learned that the key to great drum sounds is a great drummer, and the very same is true of Bill and the guitar. And when I get together with Lee, my inner 17-year-old music fan comes to the foreground, and I sense the same in him. He is as excited about somebody else’s good idea as he is about his own. That’s the mark of a great collaborator.” And great collaboration is the essence of Floratone.

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Critters Buggin


Critters Buggin is a Seattle, Washington-based instrumental group which performs in a jazz, rock and African-influenced, eclectic style. The band is composed of Matt Chamberlain(drums, percussion, piano, programming, synths, loops, samples and digital editing), Skerik(saxophones, keyboards, loops, samples, effects and guitar), Brad Houser (bass, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet and electronics) and Mike Dillon (vibraphone and percussion).

GuestHostMonkeypot Merganzer and Bumpa were reissued by Kufala Recordings in 2004.

  • 1996 - Endless Records complication one - various artists (Endless Records) "Sweat Box"

  • 2000 - Taxi (independent - EP vinyl)

  • 2007 - Get the Clackervalve and the Old Clobberd Biscuits Out and Smack the Grand Ham Clapper's Mother

(Live 6/26/99 Warsaw Summer Jazz Days)